Sarah Puleo is a Philadelphia-based artist who works with sound, stills, moving images and aerials to tell stories and share perspective. She owns and operates Kenzofish Productions, which focuses on stories of artistic expression and environmental preservation. 

In 2021, she wrote, edited, and filmed PIERS PARK, a short documentary in collaboration with Scribe Video Center, to bring attention to over 200 acres of abandoned industrial land being cleaned up by a community and the need for public green space in Philadelphia

She has won awards for her travel photography, has shown and curated work at Gravy Gallery + Studio, attended the Nes Artist Residency in Skagaströnd, Iceland, (2019) and participated in workshops with conflict photographer and VII co-owner Ron Haviv in Clarksdale, Mississippi, (2014/2016). She also continues to take workshops with Maine Media Workshops + College. 

Her work has been published in Artblog.orgAccidentally Wes Anderson, Kiwanis International, and more.

She also is on the Board of Trustees for the Pinelands Preservation Alliance, an environmental advocacy group that focuses on the preservation and education of the unique ecosystem of the New Jersey Pinelands National Reserve.

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